Frequently Asked Questions

What to do before waxing?

Ensure your hair is at least 6mm long, which is typically the length of a grain of rice. If it’s too short, the wax might not grip the hair well.

Leave at least 3 weeks since your last shave and allow 4 weeks between wax treatments. For larger areas like the chest or back, I can trim using clippers before the treatment.

It’s recommended that you gently exfoliate the area to be treated, beginning 2-3 days before your waxing appointment.

What to do after my treatment?

You will look and feel great after your waxing treatment and following a few guidelines can help you on your way to a new smooth you!

Your freshly waxed area will feel a little sensitive, you may experience a little redness and some small bumps. This reaction only last a day maybe two and usually lessens with repeated waxing treatments over time.

Following these guidelines for the first 48 hours will ensure the best results.

Turn down the water temperature when taking a shower or bath, as water will feel a little hotter on freshly waxed skin.
No saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs
No sunbeds, sunbathing or fake tanning treatments
No sports, gyms, swimming or other exercise
Avoid scratching or touching your newly waxed area without washing your hands first
Don’t apply deodorants, body sprays, powders, lotions or other products to your waxed area unless recomended by your therapist

Does waxing hurt?

While waxing isn’t entirely painless, rest assured, it’s not as uncomfortable as you might think. Here’s what you can expect:

First-Time Discomfort: For newcomers, there might be a slight discomfort during your initial waxing session.
It’s perfectly normal! The sensation is fleeting, I am a skilled technician and ensure a gentle process.

The Waxing Process: When the warm wax is applied, you’ll actually find it quite pleasant. As the wax is swiftly removed, there’s a brief moment of sensation, like a quick pinch. But fear not! I will apply a light pressure immediately, that minimises any lingering discomfort.

Gradual Improvement: With each subsequent waxing treatment, you’ll notice that any discomfort diminishes significantly. Your skin adapts, and the process becomes smoother over time.

Is male waxing popular?

It is much more popular than you would expect, in my experience, guys are just not as open about it as the ladies are. On a daily basis I do 4-6 waxing treatments a day in-between barbering and sports massage therapy.

What areas of the body can be waxed?

The only area of the body that shouldn’t be waxed in hair on the top of your head. Everything else can be removed safely and efficiently.

Is your waxing therapist male or female?

I am a male therapist, highly trained, qualified, skilled and experienced.

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